The purpose of the law is to promote a balanced growth with respect for the environmental resources, the technological upgrades, the formation of a new extroverted national identity (branding), the improvement of competitiveness in areas of high added value and knowledge intensity, the transfer of production to the production of more complex products, the offer of better services and finally the securing of a better position of the country in the International Division of Labor.

It constitutes the main financial tool for the establishment, expansion, diversification of the production and the fundamental change of the whole production process of enterprises, mainly in the sectors of tourism, processing and agri-food industry. Finally, it strengthens the acquisition of all the assets of a business establishment that has ceased operating.

The Development Law is orientated toward businesses which are established or do own a branch office in the Greek Territory in the form of sole proprietorship, commercial company, cooperative, producers’ group or agricultural corporate partnerships.

The minimum eligible height is defined based on the size of the carrier, ie:

  • for large companies, in the amount of € 500,000
  • for medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives in the amount of € 250,000
  • for small businesses, in the amount of € 150,000
  • for very small businesses, in the amount of € 100,000
  • for Koin.S. Ep, Agricultural Cooperatives, Producer Groups (POs) and Agricultural Corporate Partnerships, in the amount of 50,000 €

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