The Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (EPANEK) is one of the seven sectoral and thirteen Regional Operational Programs of the ESPA Programs for the period 2014-2020 which was approved by C (2014) 10162 final of 12/18/2014 Decision of the EU.

It gives prominence to productive, competitive and extroverted sectors of the economy such as tourism, energy, agri-food, environment, supply chain, information & communication technologies, health and pharmaceutical, creative and cultural industries and materials – constructions.

Through EPANEK and in collaboration with the Regional Operational Programs, the Smart Specialization strategy is implemented with the aim of connecting research and innovation with entrepreneurship and strengthening / development of the already existing or new competitive advantages of the Country and the Regions.

EPANEK is structured in the following main ‘Priority Axes:

  • “Entrepreneurship Development with Sectoral priorities’ total budget of 4,170 mil.
  • “Adaptation of employees, companies and business environment to the new development requirements” with a total budget of 678.84 million euros
  • “Development of entrepreneurship support mechanisms” with a total budget of 1,438.60 million euros
  • “ERDF Technical Assistance” with a total budget of 114.48 million euros
  • “ECB Technical Assistance” with a total budget of 21.05 million Euros

The 7Tips company manages more than 500 investment projects within the framework of EPANEK and specifically in the actions:

  • Reinforcement of Tourism SMEs for their revitalization and the quality upgrade of the providing services.
  • Improvement of very small and small businesses for the elaboration of their capabilities in the new markets.
  • Strengthen the Establishment and Operation of New Tourism SMEs
  • Quality Modernization
  • We Venture Abroad
  • Support to whole share services in the sector of education and retail.
  • Wholesale Trade Support for small and very small businesses.
  • Digital Transformation.
  • Digital Transformation for Small Businesses.

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